Tyler Photo / Design



Hey there!

I’m Tyler, a graphic designer and photographer from Austin Tx.

Graphic design has always been a huge part of my life- even before I knew what it was. I’ve been designing for about 6 years, shooting photos since I was in middle school, and luckily, I’ve been able to turn both these passions into an amazingly fulfilling career.

Once I graduated high school, I wanted to get more serious about my passion and formally educate myself in the field. I graduated from Austin Community College with two associate degrees of Visual Communication in Graphic Design Specialization + Certificate and Graphic Design Technology Specialization + Certificate.

Although I’ve finished my schooling (for now), learning never stops for me. I continue to grow my skill set through the various tutorials, challenges and projects I find. I love working with different client’s brands to meet their individual unique needs, while improving myself as a designer along the way.

Wanna chat? Take some photos? Create some dope designs?

Send me a message!